Rimba is manufacturer and wholesaler of sexy, erotic lingerie. Our own collection is named Amorable, by Rimba. Many people know this line under the name Erotic Fashion. We have a Wholesale catalogue available and this contains our own unique assortment with a wide range of products. Our collection is presented on this web site as well as in a printed full color catalogue. The collection contains sexy, underwear and lingerie for all types of sexy ladies as well as for open-minded men. All Amorable garments are packed and sold in exclusive gift boxes. They are nice to buy for your partner but even nicer to receive. The lingerie garments are sold exactly as shown on the picture with all textile accessories included.

► Exclusive own collection
► Available from stock in our Dutch warehouse, meaning short delivery times
► What you see is what you get policy Indicated sizes match real sizes in Europe and USA
► Articles are handmade from the best available select fabrics
► 100% Guarantee on production quality
► All fabrics and materials are safe and clean, and conform to European laws.
► Easy cleaning: Hand wash with a soft soap.

This is the name for a huge collection of all types of BD & SM clothing, toys, and a large variety of accessories. The biggest part of the collection is handcrafted from quality, real leather hides bought in the Netherlands. The production of this collection is done in the same building as our warehouse.

This brings a lot of advantages. An exclusive collection, available from stock in our Dutch warehouse What you see is what you get policy Indicated sizes do match common sizes in Europe and USA Articles are handmade of first choice leather hides 100% Guarantee on production quality All materials are safe and clean, and conform to European laws. We do not use AZO and all metal, which touches the human skin, is free of nickel Special sizes and requirements can be made within several days Private label manufacturing is offered 
Cleaning: Clean leather items with a damp cloth and a small amount of soft soap. Gently rub the stains away. Never soak the leather and do not dry quickly. After cleaning, rub the leather again with a dry, clean cloth. You can also use leather maintaining products sold in shoe shops.

Rimba is a Wholesale company with own manufacturing of electro seks stimulation items. This line of products is not only very popular in the SM-scene but also as adult novelty toys as well as medical aid tools. These products are in high demand because of the proven medical aid in improving the sexlife for men and women who are facing physical problems. Use of electro sex toys helps women and men fight incontinency, helps women train the muscles in the genital areas and helps men to fight impotency. The use of electro sex items is also a big joy to play with, alone or with your partner(s). Your sexlife will become better and you can enter a new dimension of passion and joy. Do use these article with common sense and do read and be aware of the precautions.

This is the name for an excellent range of kinky rubber and latex articles. This range is very well known for the excellent quality of the materials we use. The beautiful line of clothing is made by dipping specialized molds into 100% natural latex. This is why all our articles are seamless and have a stretch guarantee of more than 600%. This allows you to adjust the article sizing (length, arm hole size, etc.) yourself by using a sharp scissors. 

Also this line comes in exclusive gift boxes with the Rimba logo on it. Tip; You can wear latex clothing in two ways, dry and wet. Dry, use talcum powder all over your body and the article so you can slip into your garment. The wet way, use a massage oil in a water or silicone base and slide into your kinky adventure. To clean and preserve: Hand wash in water with a little bit of soap and dry carefully. Always keep your rubber articles out of the light, especially direct sun, because latex and rubber are not UV resistant.