Our policy for return of broken goods:

1. Before you send us any returns please contact us and ask our sales team for tips and assistance.

2. Only registered clients are allowed to return broken products if these are purchased from Rimba.

3. We offer one year guaranty (counting from the date of invoicing), for all products as long as the defect is caused by a technical failure or manufacturing error.

4. The relevant items must be returned to Rimba in the original packaging and a completed return form must be enclosed.

5. Our technical department will determine if the individual product guaranty claim is justified.

6. If the claim is justified, we will send you a credit-note for the broken item(s) or send you a new product as replacement with your next order.


Only items with a technical defect or manufacturing error will be handled.

Please note that we only accept return articles if these are thoroughly cleaned. Items that are not, or poorly cleaned, will be not be processed and will be sent back to you in the same condition. The return of defect goods is made on your own account and is not reimbursed by Rimba.