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In addition to our lingerie, toy, latex and bondage collection, Rimba also has its own collection of electrosex stimulation products. These products are not only popular in the SM scene, but more and more people find it fun and exciting to play around with electro sex toys. In this category you will find electro sex toys such as nipple clamps, cock rings, butt plugs, power boxes and much more. In addition to the erotic pleasure that people experience, electro sex toys also have a physical advantage with a medical effect. The electric impulses excite, stimulate and activate the muscles around the erogenous zones. For example, the vaginal muscles are trained and strengthened for women. For men, an erection will develop more spontaneously and he will be able to hold it much longer. Always use common sense, in accordance with the regulations and please read the instructions for before using the products. View the full range of electrosex articles below!

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Pretty Love - Doreen - Wearable Electric Shock Vibrator with App Control - Purple

Pretty Love - Hector - G-Spot Electric Shock Vibrator with App Control - Purple

Pretty Love - Electric Stimulation Bullets Set - Black

Rimba Electro Sex lead wire with 2,5 mm jack plug and 2 banana plugs

Rimba Electro Play ES metal, uni polar pinwheel + uni polar adhesive pads

Rimba Electro Play ES 2 uni-polar penis loops

Rimba Electro Play ES uni-polar metal urethral and blue elesatic,uni polar penisstrap

Rimba Electro Play ES Bi-polar Urtehral

Universal Travel Adapter for US / AU / UK / EU

Rimba Electro Play - Neonwand Electro Whip

Rimba Bondage Play - NeonWand Flex Capacitor