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Rimba - Electro powerbox set with LCD display

complete with batteries

This electro sex stimulator is a battery operated, pulse genera­tor that sends electrical impulses to the electro parts/toys which can be connected to this powerbox and placed on any body part. Pressing the different keys can change the pulse width so that the treatment goes deep into the skin and into muscles. This electrical therapy will have a positive influence on your sex life. The powerbox can run 7 different programs and each program can be adjusted over 16 levels of intensity.

This power box is two times stronger in output than our starter set (ref # 7850) This power box has two channels to connect two accessories at one time which are being controlled simultaneous by press buttons..


The RIMBA nr. 7880, powerbox set contains;

- 1 x dual-Channel powerbox with LCD display.

- 4 x adhesive pads            

- 2 x lead wires                    

- 3 x 1.5 volt AAA battery               

- Manual in English


The principle of electro sex stimulation is to create an uncontrollable muscle contraction through an controllable electric shock. The electric shock stimulates a nerve and that provides a combination of one or several muscles located in the immediate vicinity of the nerve. The stronger the stimulus, the greater the force of contraction of the muscle will be. Rimba has developed a range of accessories that can be connected to any of the 3 Rimba power boxes. Accessories electrodes have different shapes and sizes, tailored to the erogenous zones for both men and women.