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In this category you will find all dildos & dongs in our assortment: from realistic dildos, glass dildos and double dildos to inflatable dildos, butt plugs and prostate dildos. A dildo is a sex toy in the shape of a penis, with variations in sizes, colors, texture, girth and length. The big difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that a dildo doesn't have a motor or any other electronic part that vibrates, massages or stimulates. Dildos usually have the realistic shape of a penis, but nowadays dildos with an abstract designs are becoming increasingly popular. This makes dildos available in the most imaginative shapes, colors and sizes. Many dildos have a suction cup which makes it easy to attach the dildo to a floor, wall or chair. In addition, these dildos are also easy to attach to a strap-on harness. For a smooth and pleasant feeling, use a water-based lubricant. Populaire brands are Love Toy, Mr. PlayFifty Shades of Grey en Dorcel. Check out our whole assortment of dildos & dongs here.

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Pretty Love - Jefferson - Electric Shock Buttplug with App Control - Purple

Pretty Love - Queens Luxury Collection - Vibrator - Finished with 18K Gold - Black

Pretty Love - Lisle - Sliding Skin 20.6 cm (Ø 4.4 cm) - Nude

Pretty Love - Mendel - Sliding Skin 26 cm (Ø 5.5 cm) - Nude

Pretty Love - Orton - Sliding Skin 24 cm (Ø 5 cm) - Nude

Pretty Love - Najm - Sliding Skin 21.8 cm (Ø 4.6 cm) - Nude

Pretty Love -Duvall - Sliding Skin 19.4 cm (Ø 4.2 cm) - Nude

LoveToy - Sliding Skin Dildo 20 cm (Ø 4 cm) - Brown

LoveToy - Sliding Skin Dildo 22 cm (Ø 4.3 cm) - Brown

LoveToy - Sliding Skin Dildo 22 cm (Ø 3.7 cm) - Brown

LoveToy - Sliding Skin Dildo 24 cm (Ø 4.3 cm) - Brown

LoveToy - Sliding Skin Dildo 20 cm (Ø 3.8 cm) - Brown