Leten has different types of erotic items for men in their range. Leten distinguishes itself from other brands by the futuristic design of its products. In addition to masturbators and sleeves for men, Leten also sells vibrators for women. Several masturbators in the Leten collection have been awarded several times for Best Male Masturbator and Rimba has been awarded in 2018 with the price for Best Electronic Masturbator Line for the Leten collection. From masturbators with a perfume spray function to masturbators with 3 different moaning sound modes: Leten has it all! Leten's products can be purchased exclusively from erotic wholesaler Rimba.

There are 26 products.

Leten - SM 330 - Automatic Masturbator with Vibrating, Sucking and Moaning Function

Leten - SM 320 - Automatic Masturbator with Heating, Thrusting and Moaning Function

Leten - A380 Pro Sleeve

Leten - SM340 (Male Masturbator 4) Vibrating and sucking stroker

Leten A380 Pro Electronic Super Masturbator with rotating and thrusting function

Leten Future Pro Super Masturbator 220 Volts EU

Leten SM400 Sleeve, single sleeve replacement

Leten SM390 Sleeve, single sleeve replacement

Leten SM380 Sleeve, single sleeve replacement

Leten SM370 Sleeve, single sleeve replacement

Leten Future Sleeve Blue

Leten Future Sleeve Red