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Masturbators are the perfect sex toys for men. A masturbator is a sex toy developed for men. The design of masturbators is often derived from the female body such as the anus, vagina or mouth. In addition to these realistic masturbators, Rimba also has automatic masturbators from brands such as Leten, Autoblow en Kiiroo. These masturbators have different functions such as vibration, thrust or suction functions. With an electronic masturbator it is only necessary to hold the device and choose between the different programs. With a stroker, the user of the masturbator has to make the hand movements himself. Separate sleeves are also available for replacement for many electronic masturbators. Check out Rimba's full assortment of masturbators here!

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Pretty Love - Planet Blue -Vacuum Masturbator Cup - Blue

Pretty Love - Black Hole - Vacuum Masturbator Cup - Pink

Pretty Love - Stellar - Vacuum Masturbator Cup - Yellow

SVAKOM - Hannes Neo Sleeve - White

Pretty Love - Cupid X - Twist Angel - Masturbator - Green, White

Pretty Love - Cupid X - Seductive Golf - Masturbator - Red, White

Pretty Love - Cupid X- Smooth Stripes - Masturbator - Purple, White

Pretty LoveVenus X - Hot Wave - Masturbator - White

Introducing the Pretty Love Hot Wave Masturbator, an exceptional pleasure device designed to immerse you in a world of captivating sensations and intimate indulgence.

This thoughtfully crafted masturbator features a unique design that delivers an array of thrilling textures and experiences.

Made from premium body-safe materials, the Hot Wave ensures a velvety-smooth touch against your skin for a luxurious feel.

Explore the mysteries of pleasure as you customize your experience with this sophisticated and discreet masturbator.

Pretty Love Venus X - Coquettisch Ball - Masturbator - Weiß 

Pretty Love Venus X - Whirl Mystery - Masturbator - White

Kiiroo - FeelStar Stroker - Rae Lil Black

Dorcel - Textured Masturbator Cup - Tight - White