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Gvibe 3 Split Head Vibrator

Gjay Bioskin Vibrator

Dorcel Rechargeable G-Stormer thrusting Rabbit vibrator

Torpedo Penis Plug

Penis Lock with curved Urethral tube and cock ring of Ø 50 mm

Cock Pin Ø 8mm, 92 mm long

Dip Stick Ribbed 225 mm long size Ø 6mm or Ø 8mm

Vibrating Sound 230 mm long in PU case

Vibrating balled Urethral sound 168 mm long in PU case

Urethral Stretcher with Cockring Ø 45mm with padlock

Bondage Hook attached to Colar Ø 120 mm

Dorcel Plaisir Hamman 100 ml - 2 in 1 lubricant