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The Kamasutra collection is created in perfect harmony with today's interest in well-being - of spirit, mind and body. Kama Sutra is not just for lovemaking; it is an offering of body-care products designed to add a sensual dimension to all aspects of life. By encouraging intimacy and enhancing sensual awareness, our products enrich the world in which we live and love. Our first responsibility is to meet our customers' expectations. Having been in business for forty years, we're confident that we do. We are committed to producing quality products that are simple, direct, appropriate and correct. We can also proudly state that our products are made without any animal testing.

The luxury lifestyle brand 210th embodies love, passion and communication offering challenging and seductive products. 210th stands for “Closer Together” to strengthen the relationship between partners to reach a higher level of intimacy. The brand delivers high fashion design luxury body care, erotic gift boxes, lingerie and art photography, combined with challenging and seductive assignments.
The philosophy of this innovative brand is to bring erotic as fashion and combine physical products with online teasers. (e.g. QR codes, but also social media such as facebook, twitter and pinterest) The 210th Experience body care line contains various products ranging from massage oil to body cream and will always seduce you with the hidden assignments behind the QR code. Experience love, passion and communication with 210th. Closer Together.