Together with the dildo, the vibrator is one of the most popular, most-wanted and best-selling sex toys. A vibrator is a device that stimulates the clitoris by means of vibrations or stimulates the entire vagina by means of penetration. The vibration motor in a vibrator causes an intense vibration, which creates a constant vibrating feeling. A woman can be stimulated by the clitoris, the G-spot or both erogenous zones at the same time. In addition, each vibrator has its own different speeds, positions and patterns. Depending on these factors, there will always be a vibrator that suits the wishes of your client. Popular brands of vibrators are LELO, Satisfyer, ZALO, SVAKOM, Dorcel en Gvibe. Nowadays there are vibrators in the most imaginative colors, shapes and sizes. The most popular vibrators are the G-spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, tarzan or rabbit vibrators, thrusting vibrators, wand vibrators, anal vibrators, mini vibrators and much more. Discover our full assortment of vibrators here!

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ZALO - Mose - Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator - Green

ZALO - Mose - Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator - Purple

ZALO - Mose - Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator - Black

LoveToy - O-Sensual Rapture Twin - Clitoral or Nipple Vibrator - Black

Gvibe - Greal Mini - Vibrating Dildo - Nude

Gvibe - Greal Mini - Vibrating Dildo - Fuchsia

Gvibe - GJay Mini - Realistic Vibrator - Pink

Gvibe - GRabbit Mini - Rabbit Vibrator - Pink

Gvibe - GReal 2 - Vibrating Dildo - Purple

Gvibe - GJack Mini - Ribbed Vibrator - Fuchsia

Gvibe - GCandy Mini - Ribbed Rabbit Vibrator - Red

LELO - Tor 3 - Cock Ring Vibrator (with App Control) - Blue